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30th Annual ELT ConferenceTo be concluded on Sunday the 14th of September, 2014

The SPELT International Conference is attended by over a 2500 ELT professionals, with over a 100 talk, workshops and presentation. It is an invaluable event for professionals to learn and share.

For its 30th  International Conference, SPELT has chosen to work the Conference around theme: Stringing ELT Pearls. The three day Inaugural Conference is being held in Karachi in first week of September, followed by “travelling” Conferences in Lahore and Islamabad, second week of September.

Lubna Mohyuddin
Conference Coordinator
SPELT Head Office

Stringing Elt Pearls

Asingle drop of water enters a mollusc, passes through several layers of creativity and transforms into a pearl; a symbol of unblemished perfection. It exposes a world full of purity, magnificence, splendour and beauty. A pearl provides a clear vehicle for the advancing states of embellishment as well as a clear channel for receipt of guidance. It opens up traits of innate talent and gives constant fuel to the fire of imagination.

Teachers of English at their end symbolize pearls in the ocean of knowledge with the richness of exposition, perception, fascination and inspiration. As the ocean is a symbol of power and strength which dominates all signs of water, ease, grace and fluidity running parallel to the teachers who symbolize a fountainhead of knowledge, light, integrity and transformation. Just as pearls are not generated overnight, they need to be nurtured with concentric layer upon layer of nacre, likewise, the teachers’ journey through charted and uncharted pathways for acquiring excellence enriching themselves with multidimensional techniques of teaching, adding to their value and lustre. A glowing and glittering pearl has always been valued as a gemstone, an object of beauty and delight. Similarly, a proficient and brilliant teacher becomes a rarity, an invaluable asset to an institution. Like pearls, teachers can stimulate and nurture the thought processes, imagination and creativity.

SPELT is the clasp that strings the Pearls of ELT together and embodies in itself endosymbiosis and mutualism, creating a relationship that benefits all. It equips teachers with strength and resilience skills to face the myriad challenges of the 21st Century..

SPELT 30th International Conference aims to focus on the iridescent strategies of English Language Teaching through a variety of workshops, seminars, webinars, colloquiums, panel, discussions, leadership strands, research and SIGs as genres of English Language Teaching from across the globe.

 The drop of water reminds you “what you were” and the pearl suggests “what you can be” by undergoing metamorphism, thereby, acquiring attributes of flawlessness.


  1. Keynote Speaker
  • Anne Burns

Director, Centre for Language Education Research, Astron University UK.


  1. Plenary Speakers
  • Rosa Aronson

Executive Director, TESOL International Organization-USA


  • Les Kirkham

Associates Representative on Board of Trustees for IATEFL, UK.

Executive Council Member TESOL Arabia  


  • Zakia Sarwar

Honorary Executive Director, SPELT


  • Abbas Husain

Director, Teachers’ Development Center


  • Dr Ahmar Mahboob 

Department of Linguistics at the University of Sydney


  1. Featured Speaker
  • Ishrat Suri

Asst. Professor, Dar-Al-Hekma University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Prof Dr Nasreen Hussain

Chairperson Education & Communication Depts, Institute of Business Management

  1. Webinars
  • Kathy Ganske

Professor Vanderbilt University


  • Penny Ur

ELT expert, author and teacher trainer, 


  • Linda Ragsdale

Speaker and Founder, Peace Dragon


  • Nancy Dickson

Director of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, Vanderbilt University


  • Judy Findlay

President , One Sky International

Conference Organisers and Sponsors


Bahria Institute of Teacher training at Bahria College Karasaz


International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language- IATEFL

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL)



Oxford University Press

Spectrum Y&R

The United State Education Foundation in Pakistan

Time Table


The schedule of the event is as follows:

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Registration Rates:
Full Conference (three days) includes a Lunch and Hi Tea. All registration fees are non-refundable. You will not be registered until we receive payment.

  • For a SPELT Member:Rs 1400
  • For a Non-SPELT member: Rs 1800
  • On-site registration:Rs 2100

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