Sponsoring the SPELT International Conference

The SPELT International conference is a unique platform which provides exciting and productive opportunities to educators, classroom practitioners, teachers, researchers, trainers and publishers to share their expertise in the realm of education through interactive and innovative sessions.

SPELT is a voluntary organization that runs with support from teachers and schools. Spelt has been conducting the Annual Conference for the past 29 years without a regular source of funds. Every year we ask companies brands and organizations to help SPELT educate the teacher who will create the leaders of tomorrow. And every year many different companies and organizations come forward in helping us achieve our goal of creating better English Language Teachers with professional tools and accessibility to the latest technology and techniques in the field.

Every conference has a theme that reflects the needs of ELT professionals. Even though we are still a few months away from the prestigious conference, we are preparing hard in making this event as successful as all the rest.

Helping us along the way are our sponsors, some new ones and some long time sponsors that have revved up the pace and scope of this years conference and we would like to thank them for their continued support

Every year SPELT receives sponsorships for its Conferences and the Quarterly Journals from local as well as international organizations. They enable us to make SPELT big and better every year. If you are a company, organization or instate looking to increase expand create awareness for yourself while helping us educate the teachers of Tomorrows Leaders, then sponsoring SPELT is the right thing for you.

If you locally based and willing to help SPELT in its endeavor to create better teachers, Click here for more information.

If you are an international organization and willing to sponsor SPELT in its Annual Conference, Click here.